"Custom bobblehead wedding with our soon"
  • "Custom bobblehead wedding with our soon"

Figurine personnalisée "Custom bobblehead wedding with our soon"


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"Full custom figurine couple + 1 Child "(100%)

Make customized figurine of your couple with your child, totally personalized from head to toe by sending us your photos. We create every detail of your figurine, the face, the facial expressions, the clothes, the hairstyle, the positon taken in the photo.

HANDMADE by artisans, playing the authenticity card through a unique, personalized and emotional gift.

Our artisans are sculptors specializing in facial reproduction. Their know-how allows them to create any face with incredible precision.

We send you photos of your figurine during all stages of the creation. You take part in the production by sending us your comments so that we can make the alterations you want. Our goal is to make the person who receives such a personal and original gift happy to have it.

A personalized figurine is a gift, but also and above all a souvenir gift that you can keep for years to come. It freezes an emotion, a highlight in your life, such as a wedding, baptism, graduation, birthday, business departure, and much more.

Custom bobblehead couple figurine measures between 5 and 7 inches. We will be happy to symbolize your love or friendship.

Find all of our personalized figurines from head to toe in our catalog, in order to find the figurine that suits you : 

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Delivery time is between 4 to 6 weeks.