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Custom bobblehead dance / DJ

Figurine "Gogo"


Figurine "DJ"



Custom bobleheads dance / DJ

Burlesque dance, breakdance or dance pole, our custom dance figurines will perfectly seduce you! You want to find a "mini me" in your image or simply offer an original and fun gift to your friend? So this collector figurine is for you! With wacky positions or a dancer gogo showing off his chocolate bars, you're sure your collector figurine will hit the mark!

Face of your customized bobblehead figurine dance, with the predefined body, is shaped to your image (or that of your friend) thanks to the different photos that you send us. Guaranteed resemblance! Do you want to sculpt your own body? So discover now our range of 100% customized bobblehead.

Delivery time is between 4 and 6 weeks. Our work is handmade and made by sculpting and sculpting professionals. For an urgent order, you can choose the paying option "urgent order". Delivery time will be around 3 weeks. A custom figurine measures approximately 5 and 7 inches.

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Custom Bobbleheads Dance Dj - 100% Handmade - Pikollo