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Custom bobblehead business promotion

Figurine "Baker"


Figurine "Tiler"



Custom bobblehead business promotion !

Our custom figurines are the perfect gift idea for your promotion or that of one of your colleagues! A unique collector figurine that will fit perfectly on your new desk, and will remind you of this well deserved moment. This custom bobblehead dolls, in the form of a "mini me" will also touch your colleague, your friend or your relative just promoted.

Custom bobblehead business promotion, whose body you choose from a definite selection, has a head sculpted by our specialist artists from the different photos you send us to create a 3D sculpture  of the most resembling! For complete customization, check out the  100% custom bobbleheads.

Delivery time is between 4 and 6 weeks. Our work is handmade and made by sculpting and sculpting professionals. For an urgent order, you can choose the paying option "urgent order". Delivery time will be around 3 weeks. A figurine measures approximately 5 and 7 inches.

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Custom Bobbleheads Business - Handmade - Pikollo