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Custom bobblehead trade and sale

Custom bobblehead trade and sale !

Whether you are a businessman, a director, a sales manager or a coffee breaker marketing officer, our custom special trade mini models come in more than 15 unique designs! You want to get your "mini me" to put on your desk or just make an original gift to a colleague or your boss? So our big-headed figurines are waiting for you. Smile guaranteed!

You choose the body of your custom bobblehead and your artists carve their heads from your photos. Guaranteed result for your 3D avatar! A gift idea that will suit everyone. For a unique product from the feet to the head, don't hesitate to consult our range of 100% customized bobblehead !

Delivery time is between 4 and 6 weeks. Our work is handmade and made by sculpting and sculpting professionals. For an urgent order, you can choose the paying option "urgent order". Delivery time will be around 3 weeks. A custom figurine measures approximately 5 and 7 inches.

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Custom bobblehead trade and sale  - Pikollo